Why Choose Golden Grain Foods?

Dec 14 , 2020

Michael Fish

Why Choose Golden Grain Foods?


Golden Grain Foods (GGF) Cream of Rice (COR) is fortified with Himalayan pink salt which provides sodium to help fuel intensive physical exertion and activity. This important mineral plays an absolutely crucial role in both physical performance and mental health.

Superior digestion!!! Many COR options on the market today are fortified with “nonheme”(inferior, poorly digestible) Iron as they are intended for use by infants who have a greater need for iron supplementation. Adults are able to incorporate foods rich in “heme”(superior, highly digestible) Iron from alternate foods like meat, eggs and fish. Grocery store COR products are fortified with “nonheme” iron which can disrupt digestion especially when consumed in larger amounts. GGF COR specifically forgoes any added nonheme iron to make sure our product is digested as effectively and efficiently as possible.

GGF provides free local pick-up I YEG! We also have free shipping nationwide within Canada with any purchase of over $100!

GGF is a small locally run business who cares about our consumer, their results and strives to bring new and innovative COR options and flavours to the market each day!